Flame Safeguard & Efficiency Controls


7800 Series - Download

  • Microprocessor-based integrated burner control for automatically firing gas, oil, coal or combination fuel single burner applications.
  • Functions include automatic burner sequencing, flame supervision, system status indication, system or self-diagnostics and trouble shooting.
  • Access for external electrical voltage checks.
  • Application flexibility and communication interface capability.

Enhanced 7800 Series - Download

  • The enhanced 7800 Series offers the functionality and safety known in the 7800 burner controls but with more enhanced capabilities in safety, diagnostics, and communication
  • Valve Proving feature, selectable to occur at 5 different times
  • Fault code annunciation via power LED (20 possible codes)
  • Shutter drive output for dynamic self-checking UV flame detectors (except RM7890A)

ControLinks™ BMS Panel - Download

  • The Integrated ControLinks Burner Management System (BMS) panel combine's Honeywell's proven fuel air ratio control technology along with the safety of the 7800 Series controls into a complete panel


E Series - Download

  • Provides the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring protection on automatically ignited oil, gas and combination fuel burners.
  • On a safety shutdown, the display module will advise the operator that the control is in "Lockout" and indicate the cause as well as the position in the operating sequence that it occured.

MicroM Series - Download

  • compact, modular burner management systems designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial sized heating and process burners firing any type of fuel.



BurnerLogix - Download

  • Built in techniques and algorithms allow the BurnerLogix to learn the characteristics of the fuel being burned and set its internal thresholds to optimize detection under all conditions.
  • When firing conditions change for the worse, the adaptive IR system reacts properly and safely shuts the burner down.

NEXUS PPC4000 - Download

  • State of the art parallel positioning system for all types of liquid or gaseous fuel fired combustion systems
  • When combined with a Fireye flame safeguard system such as the BurnerLogix control, the PPC4000 offers a compact parallel positioning system.

NEXUS PPC6000 - Download

  • State of the art stand-alone parallel positioning system for all types of liquid or gaseous fuel fired combustion systems.
  • When combined with the BurnerLogix control, the PPC6000 offers the most compact and advanced parallel positioning system available.