We've been around for over 80 years; same family just doing our thing.

As a result, we have a job portfolio too extensive to list here. 

Take a peak below to see a sampling of what we can do for you!


Camus DynaForce Domestic Hot Water Install

 Installed two DynaForce DR2000’s into a high rise apartment complex in downtown Rochester, NY. For this particular application, these natural gas modulating high efficiency boilers not only provide heat for the entire building, but are used to provide domestic hot water to the building as well. The end user is very satisfied with the gas and electrical savings along with the reduced temperature and noise level of the boiler room.

Camus DynaForce Hydronic Heating

 Local college upgraded their cast iron sectional boilers with new Stainless Steel Condensing units.


Clam II

The Clam II is a unique job that was rigged up by Jim Buckpitt for a fire department in the Rochester area. Buckpitt successfully converted this old fire truck into a clam steamer for local festivals using a Columbia steam boiler.



Paper Plant Burner Control Upgrade

 Upgraded plant to new state of the art Fireye parallel positioning system.  The end user is very satisfied with the energy savings.  Plus, the increased repeatability and reliability has led to more productivity.








Superior Process Steam Application

Installed two steam Superior Firetube boiler into a local dairy manufacturer for process applications.



Cast Iron Condensing

 High school renovation from 2009.  Multiple high efficiency boilers in low fire provides maximum efficiency.