Chimney & Exhaust Systems

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  • Van Packer offers a wide variety of chimney and breeching systems, including Double-Wall Positive Pressure Chimney systems, Double-Wall Condensing Chimney systems, B-Vent chimney systems used for venting atmospheric gas fired appliances, Single Wall Fume Hoods, Particle Containment and Breeching Systems, as well as others. These chimney systems come in a wide variety of sizes in order to best fit your specific application.

Dura Vent/Protech                   

 Large selection of single and double wall AL29-4C pipe for cat 2, 3, and 4 venting.  They also make flexible chimney liners, ideal for difficult and unique situations.  




Tjernlund boasts a wide array of products for residential and commercial applications.  Including but not limited to sidewall venters, oil venters, in line draft inducers, rooftop draft inducers, combustion fans, balance booster fans, stove blowers, dryer boosters, room to room fans, crawl space fans, wood stove fans, garage cooling fan, basement fans, chimney fans, variable speed combustion and draft systems.