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Industrial supplier and distributor of steam and hydronic boilers. In addition to whole unit boilers, we carry the parts and components for nearly every boiler we sell.

Top of the line high efficiency boilers developed for residential and commercial applications and available in Hydronic Heating, Hot Water Supply and Combination models, with certain models receiving efficiency ratings as high as 97%!    

Ask us when we will have the factory trailer here next for tech sessions, open house, and BBQ.  A few pics from the last 2 events we have done here.


BlueFlame Series - Download

  • “BlueFlame” is an atmospheric boiler/water heater with light commercial and industrial applications delivering thermal efficiencies of up to 83%.
  • The BlueFlame is available In models 480, 660, 840, 1020, 1200, 1380, 1560, 1740 and 1950 (MBTU/HR)
  • The SmartFlame operating control mounted on the BlueFlame boiler is a two-stage proportional set-point control. Controller provides, inlet/outlet temperature as well as delta temperature rise, three pre-set modes of operation, and many more functions

DynaMAX Series - Download

  • The “DynaMAX HS” is a gas fired condensing boiler with up to 97% efficiency! Developed for residential and commercial applications, and available in Hydronic Heating, Hot Water Supply and Combination models.
  • Wall Mount – Model Numbers
    • 0080 (78 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0100 (97 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0150 (146 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0200 (194 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0250 (243 Mbtuh max. output)
  • Floor Mount – Model Numbers
    • 0210 (194 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0260 (243 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0290 (291 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0390 (387 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0500 (485 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0600 (582 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0700 (679 Mbtuh max. output)
    • 0800 (776 Mbtuh max. output)

MicoFlame Series - Download

  • “MicoFlame” is a residential/light commercial water heater/heating boiler. The MicoFlame is sealed combustion and fan assisted, delivering thermal efficiencies of up to 85% non-condensing or 95% condensing
  • The MicoFlame is available in models 60, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, and 600 (MBTU/HR).
  • The optional SmartFlame operating control mounted on the MicoFlame unit is a proportional set-point control. Controller provides inlet/outlet temperature as well as delta temperature rise, three pre-set modes of operation, and many more functions

DynaFlame Series - Download

  • DynaFlame is a new leading edge product with models ranging from 500k(BTU) up to 6 million (first in the industry for this style of Boiler/Water Heater).
  • The new DynaFlame is available in condensing mode with thermal efficiencies of 95%, or non-condensing offering up to 85%. The DynaFlame product is fully modulating and automatically adjusts the unit output based on the system demand. These units can be moved through a standard 30” doorway. DynaFlame boilers exceed any emission standard by achieving extremely low NOx levels of less than 10 ppm.

DynaForce Series - Download

  • The DynaForce has an efficiency rating of up to 99% and a heat exchanger which is constructed entirely of stainless steel. The DynaForce is available for Hydronic Heating and Domestic Hot Water heating and can be fired with both Natural Gas and Propane
  • Models range from 300,000 up to 5 million Btu with a 5 to 1 turndown





Superior Boiler Works is the world’s leading manufacturer of Scotch Marine Firetube and high efficiency Condensing boilers as well as associated boiler room equipment for process steam, hot water and waste recovery. Superior Boiler is leading the way as a facilitator of Green Energy solutions with boilers powered by alternative fuels.

Super Seminole - Download

  • 3-pass scotch marine design with full wetback construction
  • Pressures from 15-300 psi steam and 30-160 psi hot water
  • Available with NOx reduction technology to sub 9 ppm
  • Sizes from 70-2,500 BoHP

Osage - Download

  • 3-pass firebox design with wetback boiler is designed for maximum efficiency, reliability and durability in today’s most demanding environments
  • Low pressure steam and hot water
  • Gas/oil/ or combination gas and oil and alternative fuels

Mohawk - Download

  • 3-pass scotch marine design with dryback construction
  • Pressures from 15-300 psi steam and 30-160 psi hot water
  • Available with NOx reduction technology to sub 9 ppm
  • Sizes 30-1,000 BoHP




Series 28HE - Download

  • Light oil, gas or combination gas/light oil pressurized, wet base boiler/burner
  • 931-4622 MBH gross output
  • Available in 15 basic sizes , with gross output ratings from 931 to 4,622 MBH

Series 28RTS - Download

  • Return Temperature Stabilizer (RTS) evenly distributes return water throughout all the boiler sections.
  • Promotes flow and temperature equalization that results in minimal temperature differentials.

Series 19HE - Download

  • Cast iron, pressurized, wet-base sections tested for 80 psi
  • Ideal for light commercial water or steam heating systems
  • Utilizes No. 2 fuel oil, natural gas or combination gas/oil
  • 10 different sizes available ranging from 308 MBH I=B=R gross output units to 1750 MBH I=B=R gross output units.




Elite - Download

  • Turndown ratio of 5:1, allowing the boiler to modulate at lower firing rates
  • Six input options ranging from 80,000 to 399,000 BTUs.

Mod Con - Download

  • Stainless steel commercial boiler
  • Delivers highly efficient hydronic heating with 94% thermal efficiency
  • Modulating burner with 5:1 turn down


  • Buckpitt supplies a wide range of parts and components for HTP Munchkin boilers




CT Series - Download

  • 3-pass, vertical tubeless design that provides an efficient, compact source for high pressure steam output.
  • Range: 6 to 50 HP, 150 PSI steam (250 PSI available)
  • Fuels: #2 oil, natural or LP gas, dual fuel
  • Pressure fired combustion chamber
  • 3/8” thick rolled plate shell for long service life

MPH Series - Download

  • Competitively-priced, narrow in width and easily serviced, this boiler is a modified Scotch, three-pass fire tube design for use as a 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water unit
  • Sizes range from 5 BHP to 150 BHP
  • Fuels: natural or LP gas, #2 oil, dual fuel or methane/biogas fired
  • 83%+ efficiencies, up to 90% with high efficiency package

LVWO Waste Oil Boiler Series - Download

  • An economical Hydronic Heating System for small truck and auto repair facilities, quick lube shops, transmission repair facilities, floor or radiant heat applications, barns, sheds and greenhouses
  • ASME boiler, waste oil burner, boiler controls, oil pump and filter system
  • Meets EPA guidelines for onsite recycling of used oil

GL-L Series - Download

  • Rugged inclined watertube steel boiler used for hydronic heating, steam heating and steam process applications.
  • A favorite for 100% makeup water applications
  • Welded steel 2” watertube design eliminates the threat of thermal shock
  • Range: 4 to 16 HP, 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water
  • Fuels: #2 oil, natural or LP gas, dual duel

Blowdown Separators - Download

  • The Columbia separator design incorporates a water seal at the outlet which permits the operator to introduce cold water from the bottom to mix with the hot water and boiler steam in the separator.
  • National Board Approved
  • Sizes up to 200 BHP

Boiler Feed Systems - Download

  • Condensate return tanks feature heavy gauge steel construction that provides ample feedwater storage capacity
  • A float operated make-up valve automatically admits new water to replace that lost through steam not returned to the tank
  • 22-200 gallon tanks




Triple-Flex - Download

  • Ultra-high efficiency condensing hot water boiler
  • Minimum 90% thermal efficiency at 160 degrees F return with 20 degree rise
  • Low maintenance costs and high operating efficiency deliver substantial return on investment. 1,500 to 3,000 MBH input
  • 1,470 to 2,940 MBH output (44-98 BHP output)

RV Series - Download

  • Forced draft gas, oil or dual-fuel hot water and steam boilers
  • Multi-pass flue gas travel for maximum heat extraction
  • Capacities of 3,500 MBH input (84 BHP output) to 8,000 MBH input (201 BHP output)

CLM Series - Download

  • Hot water and steam boilers
  • Forced craft gas, oil or dual-fuel fired.
  • For medium sized applications with sizes ranging from 1,200 MBH input (29 BPH output) to 3,000 MBH input (73 BPH output)

BE Electric - Download

  • For low and medium range applications
  • Compact, completely packaged and wired units with automatic controls and Incoloy sheathed elements
  • Input power requirement: 30-390 KW, 460 or 480 volt, 3 phase, 30-195 KW, 208 or 240 volt, 3 phase; or 15-120 KW, 240 volt, 1 phase.
  • Output: 98,000 BTUH (at 30 KW input) to 1,280,000 BTUH (at 390 KW input)
  • Hot water and steam models available




KN Series - Download

  • Gas-fired condensing cast-iron boilers
  • Available from 200 MBH to 3,000 MBH
  • Combines the condition-tolerant, heat-retaining characteristics of cast iron with the energy savings of fully modulating, high efficiency condensing performance


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